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Welcome to GLADvent day Seventeen! Yesterday we had the word Magic.

Today has been utterly magical! I wrote thirteen poems today (on demand, at a Christmas fair), for everyone from a 70+ year old man who insisted on paying me £20 for a single poem (I was charging £1) and asked if he could read it on the radio, to a young boy of about 9 or 10 who wanted a poem about Minecraft, and when I’d read it to him, smiled as he and his parents walked away and said “I’m going to read my poem again tonight when I’m in bed.” Why was it magic? Because people were surprised, I was surprised, because people were moved, touched, open, tender. I had an 80 year old woman I’d never met before ask me to write her a poem for her funeral. She gave me some background, and her email address (I’m not writing that poem in 3 minutes….)

Poetry is magic. Poetry moves and connects, and I’ve been blessed with opportunities to allow it to move through me in order for it to do its magic in the world. Magic!


And now for number 17.


Let’s turn it over…


SHELTER: “Each evening I ached for the shelter of my tent, for the smallest sense that something was shielding me from the entire rest of the world.

– Cheryl Strayed

Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how Shelter has shown up in your life recently. Where do you rest your head and retreat from the world? Do you offer Shelter to others? Have you ever been caught in a situation where you were exposed to the elements for a while and took shelter somewhere less conventional?


Seventeen stockings turned! 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow for number 18.

Do continue to share your thoughts and reflections in the comments section below as you wish…