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Welcome to GLADvent day seven! Yesterday we had the word Creativity.

Creativity is my best, most treasured friend – and yet, I wonder sometimes if I give as much to the relationship as Creativity does. See Creativity is so brave, and kind, and light, and loving…but she’s an invisible friend. She needs me. She can only be seen if I listen, and let her use my hands, heart, head, soul. And sometimes when I listen I don’t completely understand, or she sends me something sooooo big and beautiful, I’m scared to try to make it visible because it’s so hard to express that using the tools of this world, which Creativity doesn’t live in, so she doesn’t know that…but maybe that’s the point. Because sometimes, just sometimes, she does know best…and it turns out to be possible after all πŸ™‚

And so, to the seventh stocking…but where…?


Aha, now let’s turn it over!


MUSIC: β€œMusic expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent. ”

– Victor Hugo

Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how MusicΒ has shown up in your life recently. What have you been listening to lately? Or singing/playing/composing? Why do you choose the Music you do, at different times, and how does it make you feel?


Seven stockings turned – and we’re tuning in nicelyπŸ˜‰ Hope to see you tomorrow for number 8.

Do continue to share your thoughts and reflections in the comments section below as you wish…