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I wanted to share with you a couple of the poems I wrote on Saturday – my first public outing writing poetry on demand!

It was a great success, and so much fun, with warm smiles a plenty, as well as a few teary eyes to show I’d done my job well!

Below are a couple of examples, written in just three minutes! Enjoy:-)


This customer wanted a poem about unrequited love, and new opportunities:

My eyes shine

and give rise

to seedlings that

grow up

out, deep below

into the crevices

the cracksΒ 

that have opened up

inside me

with the shock

of powerful feelings sent back

not received

but returned with interest and refusal

unintentionally destructive

life-givingly opening

for new roots

have found the cracks

the tears have watered freedom

and I see a new direction opening

one of flow

and the unknown

far from here

far from you

something new

This customer wanted a poem about the joys of grandchildren:

What a joy
watching the next generation
grow and thrive
play and dance
to the natural joy
of the music they can still hear
in hearts unblemished
souls pure
minds open and curious
‘Why?’ they ask
‘Play with me!’ they say
and you’re away
in worlds they conjure
with words and songs and dance
worlds they see
beyond mundane reality
and they go there so easily
until life knocks them back
as at times it will
and they crawl into your lap
for a hug and a snuggle
to be soothed and stroked
and allowed to cry
Oh precious ones
who brighten my day
don’t let that magic
fade away