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Three things to stir up your Sunday, because I’m feeling a little indulgent and sleepy today, but this is no time to go to sleep. Thank you so much to:

THE SUNDAY POESY: Opportunities, Events and Other News and Information

for the first two links.

This first, an essay from Alice Walker, a writer of whom I’ve been a fan since first coming across her work 20 years ago. Yes, the world feels unsafe and broken, but we no longer give people as wedding presents, and we have the opportunity to study, interrogate deeply, the causes of our current situation if we choose to. This is a time for listening sincerely, for cultivating wisdom, for seeking understanding.



I’d never some across this poem before and it shook me to the core.


And to complete, a remarkable call to action made by a 15 year old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, delivered with utter sincerity and clarity despite the intimidating setting. There are many young people who encourage me to believe the future is bright.

Love and blessings to you and yours, and as you welcome this new day – let’s wake up together, let’s nudge each other, sing to each other with the hope and beauty of a dawn chorus, with a lightness that will allow us to fly, rise above, and lift the world’s hearts and gaze up. Let’s rise.