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I’d like to introduce you all to a New Page on my blog! It has all the details of workshops I am offering here in Totnes, and the local area, as well as prompts to inspire those who can’t come along. I will change the selection of prompts regularly, so do pop back every now and then to see if there’s anything new. If you live locally and would like to write with me, then follow the page link below, or at the top of the screen for details of dates and venues etc. For the rest of you – here’s the first selection of five prompts for you to play with wherever you currently find yourself in the world!


Your inner garden

Take 10 minutes (set a timer) to close your eyes in meditation/visualisation and have a look around your inner garden. What is growing? What do you want to plant? What work needs to be done in order for this garden to flourish and thrive? When you finish the 10 minutes immediately begin writing to describe what you saw. Allow up to 20 minutes to write.



I was inspired by the image of monks making sand mandalas and then immediately ‘releasing’ them to explore the idea of Impermanence.  Write a piece that explores your own understanding of/experience of/symbols for this concept. (10 mins)

You can read a poem I wrote on this topic here:



Where do you go?

Write the name of a place in response to five questions, and then choose one of the five to expand upon for 15 minutes. The questions were:

Where do you go when…

–         you want to be in the company of others?

–         you want to be alone?

–         you want to celebrate?

–         you want to be nurtured?

–         you want to connect with spirit?


You can read something I wrote in response to this prompt here:



An ‘I am’ poem

Begin by writing 10 sentences, each beginning with the words I am… Do this spontaneously without too much thought, just write whatever comes. Then, looking at your list allow it to guide you to writing a poem entitled…I am. (15 minutes total)

You can read an example of something I wrote form this prompt here:



The gift of laughter/tears

Begin by setting a timer for 2 minutes and write two lists – one list of things that make you cry and one of things that makes you laugh. When the two minutes are up, choose one (laughter or tears) and in ten minutes write a poem inspired by your list. (12 minutes total)

You can read an example of something I wrote from this prompt here:



Feel free to use the comments section to share, or link to what you write if you try any of these prompts out. I’d love to read your responses 🙂

With blessings of courageous creativity –


Harula x