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This is another re-blog – it’s a busy, reflective, re-join the dots and make a new bigger picture type of time for me, and some day soon I’ll share that picture with you.

For now…please enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚
unfinished angelYour heart still gets frozen

Youโ€™ve yet to grow wings

but lifeโ€™s not to rush

thereโ€™s still time to grow up

Youโ€™re an unfinished angel

still perfectly flawed

your corporeal body

must not be ignored

This world can be heaven

if you make it so

but halos can wait love

thereโ€™s still time to grow

Youโ€™re an unfinished angel

still earning her wings

accept being human

let real angels sing

I know you get scared love

this worldโ€™s pretty wild

in soul years my darling

youโ€™re still just a child

Youโ€™re an unfinished angel

just celebrate that

make lots more mistakes โ€“

you learn, and Iโ€™ll clap

Time isnโ€™t in minutes

or hours or days

it stretches and spirals

in billions of ways

so unfinished angels

canโ€™t look at the clock

just love and be humble

accept what youโ€™re not