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I woke to a question in the comments on the post I wrote yesterday. Did I write with this prompt this time, when I found it again? I hadn’t, but I couldn’t resist the invitation. So I’ve just written with it, and chose to expand on the fourth sentence this time:


The most important thing life has taught me about why I’m here is…that that reason is light, playful, changing. I shouldn’t try to contain it, or define it too rigidly, because it’s made of love, it’s super responsive and ever changing…and it doesn’t get overwhelmed! It’s not a ‘thing’, it’s a direction, a journey, and I need to look out, listen out, feel in to the signs, the guidance, the invitations, so that I stay on the path…even if I never make it to the destination. It’s not something to carry, it’s not a burden – this purpose has an intelligence, a beingness all of its own. I have to dance with it, not tether it, I’m here to partner it, not be its servant. I’m here to let it stretch, challenge and inspire me into new, further, deeper expressions of who I am. I’m here to let it garden me, so I can find out what fruits are yet inside me that have still to ripen and be offered.


Hmm, I wasn’t expecting that…

I’d love to read your responses, if you give it a go πŸ™‚