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before breakfast


I actually posted this a couple of years ago the first time, but stumbled across it this evening…

It made me smile (and sigh though too) 

Maybe it does the same to you 🙂


I said it was impossible

I’d never manage that

‘Of course you can,’ my father said

‘just use this thinking cap.’

And with great ceremony

his hands grasped the air

as if a crown shaped roundish thing

was floating somewhere there

He moved a step towards me

and he placed it on my head

‘There’s nothing there

you made it up!’

‘We’ll see, my dear,’ he said.

I crossly crossed my arms and frowned

so hard it hurt my nose

but I am sure that you can guess

where next this story goes

Suddenly my head got hot

a thousand thoughts a minute

were racing, whizzing round my brain

I closed my eyes and saw it

right there it was, surrounded by

those speeding, whizzing thoughts

that heavy, dark impossible

at least, that’s what I’d thought

but now it shone all shiny bright

I knew just what to do

to make stubborn impossible

come real life truly true


When later on I saw my Dad

he smiled at me and said

‘I’d like my thinking cap back now,’

and reached towards my head

‘No! Please!’ I cried

‘Not yet! Please Dad!

I think you might be right.

Just maybe it is possible –

can I keep it ’till tonight?’


imagination einstein