I just came across this, something I wrote almost four years ago, soon after I started blogging. Thought it was worth a reblog – enjoy πŸ™‚


Write as many separate stand alone sentences as you can in 5 minutes beginning β€˜I am…’ completing them as spontaneously and freely as possible. Then take 15 minutes to look at what you have and write a poem.

And here’s one I made earlier:


If I am scared

May I remember

I am eternal at my core

A child of God

A being of light

That can neither be harmed

Nor harm

On the level of all being one


If I am arrogant

May I remember

I am made only of elements

And will turn back into earth

Like anything else I can see

Touch and feel


If I am tired

May I remember

I can use my consciousness

To make choices that nourish

Stay aware of my needs

And seek ways to meet them


If I am honest

May I remember

I am one among many

And my honesty expressed

May not feel true

Or be true

For anyone but me


If I am confused

May I remember

To celebrate life’s mystery

Accept the unknowable

And waste no energy

Seeking answers

Which aren’t meant to be found


If I am creative

May I remember

To share that joy, inspiration and richness

With no expectation of reward

But simply because

I wish to radiate that empowerment

Of knowing life is only

What I make it


If I am a teacher

May I remember

To be a student too

For wisdom

Is an ascending spiral recircling and rising

With each new discussion

And reflection


If I am loved

May I remember

That love grows with being re-given

And needs to flow

That it may pass to and through me

Therefore may I also be open

To receive


If I am not who I would wish to be

May I remember

To ask for divine help

In accepting that which I am

For in truth

I can be nothing else