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A fire unfolds

onto my bedroom floor

as clothes steeped

in a week long marinade

of wood smoke and song

spill from my rucksack

to plant seeds in the carpet

that fast grow into trees

to breathe through the ceiling

and remind my soul

there’s a sky above filling with stars

coming out to listen to the moon


As I step into the shower

I reveal rainbows

painted on tanned arms

which take scrubbing and soap

to reluctantly remove.

I watch them disappear

down the plughole

knowing they’ll rise again

to brighten cloudy days


I smile at those I meet

as I walk into town

feeling that which I came

so quickly to take for granted

transform into a rare gift

bestowed in silent seconds

like a jewel dropped into the pools

of eyes who’ve forgotten

their own depths

yet who now follow the glinting gems

into the darkness

where hidden treasures lie


Jewels, pools

ripples and rainbows –

I’ll never leave home

without them


I’ve just returned from a magical singing camp, and this poem is my way of preserving and sharing the divine deliciousness of days spent immersed in nature and the pure, soulful voices of 140 beautiful beings raised in harmonic celebration of what it is to be human; bliss, heaven, paradise and more…


While at the camp I shared a song I’ve posted here before, but I thought I’d add the link here for new visitors:


And if you want to read the lyrics, follow this link:



With love always,


Harula xxx