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Today is another of those which find me wishing the world were different, wishing I could take away the pain and fear, wishing I could leap heart and soul onto the collective brakes and scream STOP!

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to do some goal setting. I also had a blank wall that needed…’prettyfying’, and some bunting made from old postcards that wanted to be made useful. How do you soften and play with the dry, intellectual process of goal setting? You make A Wishing Line!


A Wishing Line

Then things started to get interesting. Five wishes I decided. The first nudge, ‘What, only for you?’ Well no, ok, I’ll make one of them, yeah, the one I hang right there in the centre, a wish for All Beings. And so I did.

Then came the other four, which began pretty conventionally. I began writing them out, but something unexpected happened. I wasn’t wishing for stuff to just happen…I was wishing for the qualities I would need to bring about the realization of these wishes myself. So I didn’t wish for a successful completion of my writing course before my next birthday. Instead, I wrote…

I wish for the fun, focus and faith to finish my creative writing course successfully and with aplomb before my next birthday…

We are the genies, the fairy godmothers, the wish workers. We can’t offload the responsibility of bringing about our heart’s desire, we have to make it happen ourselves; to acknowledge and use our own ‘magic’ powers. So I didn’t wish for stuff to happen; I wished for the courage, clarity, compassion, determination, kindness, creativity and enthusiasm to MAKE stuff happen.

Wish, like Work, begins with a ‘W’. Yes, that includes Wonder, but it also invites Willingness. It’s not enough to wish the world was a more peaceful place. What am I going to do to make that more peaceful world a reality? And I’m going to keep both feet on the ground with this one. I can begin by consciously offering myself in service to peace at the start of each day.


I can remain patient when I find myself hungry, tired, and wanting to finish and leave work to go home for lunch, but the person in front of me at the photocopier is making multiple copies of multiple sheets. I can unpick and let go of the judgemental, frustrated thoughts that make my hands want to crash the unwashed pans as loudly as possible into the sink. I can stop my thoughts turning to rage and revenge as I read about innocent people being needlessly mowed down, and instead ask for the strength to first fully feel the sadness and fear, and then dig deep to find the belief that we can – we must – find another way.

And to all of this I can bring lightness, play, spaciousness. For me that means song, beauty, gratitude. Because when effort meets joy they channel a limitless source of creative energy that makes the most difficult of tasks doable.

And so I leave you with a song, which I remember from my childhood, sung by a Psammead.


Try Wishing A Little Harder Every Day

The vocals were by Francis Wright


And the Song was written by Michael Omer


And the only way I can find of listening to it is by watching the end credits on YouTube (starts at about 23 minutes)…it’s worth it, really – enjoy! And please do…

Try Wishing…..