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I’ve decided it’s time I kicked the habit of reaching for my phone and scanning the headlines each morning, before my eyes are even fully open. There must be a gentler, wiser way to welcome my consciousness back; a more helpful way to help it find its earthy feet in the new day.

From tomorrow on I will dedicate those first precious waking moments to inwardly offering myself in service to peace and the well being of the whole. In my experience the playful responsiveness of life will feed me ample opportunities to put that promise into practice, I just have to notice and act on them.

So in preparation I need to resource myself. It’s time to make some compost.

I’m no expert, but it seems to me that it’s the old, rotten, smelly, unwanted, inedible, unpalatable stuff that gets thrown on the compost. And what comes out? That rich, nutritious, dark, moist stuff that you dig into your vegetable patch and feed to your flower beds. But what of heart/mind compost?

 I’d chuck in your pain and confusion, mix in a little anger and resentment and layer up with a sprinkling of fear and overwhelm.

Good – so we’ve all got plenty of raw materials, am I right?

So what does compost need in order to break down? At the very least I’d say moisture, warmth and air. And if I’m a gardener of the heart/mind?

Song – When I sing I move, I soften, sound flows, vibrations ripple out.

Good, that’s my moisture.

Compassion – Time to stoke up the heart fire, watch those bright flames lift, throw on another log or two and don’t let it go out.

 Good, that’s the warmth.

Listening – To listen with depth and sincerity opens up a space so huge it’s like looking up at the sky while lying on your back in that field beyond right and wrong that Rumi speaks of. Nothing can fill that space – nothing is too big, or too scary, or too painful to be voiced there.

Good, that’s the air.

Ok, so I’ve got my compost and I know how to break it down. Now all I have to do…is wait.

Any gardener worth their secateurs knows you rush nature at your peril. Making compost takes sweat, and it takes time. Several months at the very least. And so with the compost of the heart/mind. Be kind. Do not expect immediate results. Be patient. Keep turning, airing, cultivating. Wait until it’s ready before you try and use it.

Apparently, when the worms have left, that’s a good sign….

Happy Compost Making!