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It’s my great joy and pleasure to introduce you to the postcards I’ve been ‘cooking’ whilst sharing this series of acrostic poems with you. I’ve been playing with the designs over the last couple of weeks, and the first sample of 10 came through earlier this week. I was ‘jump up and down, unpack them – pack them again – unpack them’ excited when I opened them! They’ve been created through a website called moo.com, and I must say I’m impressed with the quality (excellent) and cost (reasonable).

I’ve been going through them in detail,  putting improvements in place, as well as correcting some horrible mistakes (a free set of 10 of the finalised product to the first person who spots the serious mistake which can be seen in the above photo!) with the intention, in the near future, of having a starting selection of 25 ready to be sold at £1.00 per postcard.

In my dream world, having these postcards flying around the globe, and being seen not only by those who send and receive them, but also by those who sort and deliver, might serve to share the essence of some of these beautiful qualities, and spread some smiles.

So, I invite your feedback and support, and will send one of these ‘first draft’ postcards to each of the first three people who comment, wherever you are in the world! You can send your postal address to my email: harulaladd(AT)yahoo(DOT)com. Celebration and constructive criticism equally welcome, and I’d also love to receive suggestions for other words you’d like to see ‘poetisized’ (a word?) on such a card.

I really appreciate all the encouragement and support of those who’ve been regularly reading these poems, and look forward to reading your thoughts on their next evolutionary step.

With joy and gratitude,

Harula xxx