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Today’s acrostic was inspired by this article – enjoy šŸ™‚



Guardian writer on a mission, crossing

England – well, Folkestone to King’s Cross, with

No money, No phone

Embarrassed to start with, but soon

Receiving such kindness this turned to

Overwhelm, almost choking on the abundant

Spirit of goodwill radiating from the average Jo

It’s time we challenged the cynicism

That says human kind’s turned bad

You know it’s not true…don’t you?


And today’s Haikrostic:


Great dark antelope

Nomadic and numerous

Until the lions…


I’d love it if any of you wanted to have a go at an acrostic or Haikrostic yourself – the comments section is hungry for your humour, wisdom and creativity…and it’s just such FUN!

Frivolous maybe,

Until your life needs some light –

Ultra essential!