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It was a bright and breezy day

had I been wise I would’ve stayed

inside from where I could observe

the golden sun, the pretty birds

inside where food stays nice and still

where knife and fork can bend its will

where salad and its dressing wait,

until their turn, upon my plate

but that day I just could not bear

to see, I’m here, and life’s out there

it would be rude, on such a day

to leave the Spring alone to play

so happily my plate and I

went out the door to lunch outside


my feet had barely touched the grass

when wind flew by, and quite unasked

it danced my salad quite away

and only let the dressing stay!

Well naturally, I rushed back in

before that, cheeky, hungry wind

could fly away my shepherd’s pie!

Yeah wind, I’d like to see you try!


So now, unless it’s grey and still

I’ll eat inside – oh yes I will!