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As an artist…

• I want to mine the emotions for gems of truth and wisdom
• I want to show people how amazing they are by taking soul photos while they’re not watching, and turning these invisible images into words that can be read as a map to somewhere at once absolutely the same and completely different in the world of the one who reads
• I want to remind the world of all the important things we seem to be forgetting, even though they’re right in front of our eyes
• I want to make a life as well as a living
• I want to invite myself and others to the edges and learn to fly (or build bridges)
• I want to shine a light on the knots the world has tied itself in, so skilled unknotters can see them well enough to unravel us back into freedom
• I want to write the rivers within that carry people through the landscapes of joy and sorrow so that they can enjoy them fully – and keep on moving
• I want to say, ‘this is who I am’, and to ask, ‘who are you?’
• I want to be fearless, respectful, daring and real
• I want to give Love lots of places to feel welcome so that it sticks around a while
• I want to get to know this world so well that I can recognise myself as an appreciative visitor, whilst remembering it’s not all that there is

This was my way of consciously owning that word ‘artist’ and finding out what I would aspire to do with ‘artist me’ if I let her lead. There is context and background to this inquiry, which I’ll perhaps share another time, but for now I’m very curious to know how you would complete the phrase:

As an Artist I…
OR As a writer/painter/actor I…
OR As a creative being I…