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image credit: http://uk.businessinsider.com/afp-australian-heads-to-greece-to-help-crying-pensioner-in-photo-2015-7?r=US

I see a vast canyon

in the mere metres between

that queue and you

their eyes reveal hearts

teetering on the edge

of engagement

but fear burns all bridges

and they dare not fall


Who gave permission

to greed and scorn

to rob our elders of dignity

and our youth of purpose?

We drown our minds in numbers

until our hearts forget

people are downing too


I sit before a silent screen

aching to hug you through the pixels

to hold you, EveryGrandpa,

in my shamed arms and say

‘Please stand, I’ll hold you.

This stops with me’

You may know of, or find, your own way to stand by the people of Greece at this difficult time, either as a whole or more personally through individuals/families you know who are directly affected, but there are some links below to a few current stories and campaigns if you’d like some ideas. I’ve also included a link to the story of a man who is helping to rescue the migrants at risk of drowning in the mediterranean.  Let this stop with us. May we find a new way to take care of our whole human family with compassion, dignity and joy.