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I serve your story hunger

let you feast on a character

that looks like me

sounds like me

and behaves in all kinds of

reasonable and predictable ways

or bad ways (with a lower case b)

that make you laugh

and graze my polished veneer

just enough to draw blood

and make me real


I’ll breathe yours in

and respond in kind

from a choice of genre

with stories of bravery and strength

fallability and shame

of friendship and loyalty

of love

of pain

that turn us into Aesop’s animals

one dimentioned and unthreatening


these are the stories

grown potent in their maturity

to be opened and shared

without risk or fear

for I know them

I distilled them

into pure magic


and I’ll pour them freely

with gesture and song

make them so alive

you’ll never know their lies

are mere beautiful smoke screens

in which truth asphyxiates

as the swirls and turns draw

a new map

with your willing collusion

for you don’t really want

to know who I am


for the truth of you

lies in the same direction


so we get lost together

in familiar landscapes

as truth’s sirens sing from rocks

on unknown shores

and we wave our mock map in the air

as proof

that we know better

than to listen