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DSCF0646Dear friends

Some of you know I spent years working in Rwanda, and have a dear friend with two young boys who I support regularly. When I spoke to her yesterday, she had run out of money a week earlier and was buying food on credit from a small local shop.

I am waiting to start a new job and find myself stretched so yesterday, when I was thinking about what I could do to help, as well as writing to friends and family I set up a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.


This allows people to make donations, from just 1.00 pound to as much as they wish. I would so appreciate it if you would check it out, and share the link as widely as possible. Of course, if you yourselves feel inspired to make a donation. I would be hugely grateful, and spreading the word is a powerful contribution too πŸ™‚

Beatha is like a sister to me, and her story is one of great strength as well as sadness. You can find out more on my other blog:


I’ll be back again later with another writing prompt – this time inspired by fire!

Hugs, Harula xxx