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I recently finished creating a set of thirty six writing prompt cards based on the theme of the elements, which I ‘baptised’ and tested with a few writer friends recently. I’d like to share a few examples of the exercises with you over the next few days to see what you think. Here’s one of the six exercises inspired by the element of earth. I’ve also included what I wrote in response. Enjoy:-)


Love Letter From Gaia (15 minutes)

The Gaia Theory, first developed in the 1960s by James Lovelock, presented the Earth (planet) as a single living system, all parts of which were evolving together for mutual benefit. Let’s extend that theory further, and imagine the Earth, Gaia, as a unique and separate being in its own right, with its own consciousness.

For the purposes of this exercise, you are the voice of that being, Gaia, and have been asked to write a love letter to humankind on Gaia’s behalf. Remember, love can be firm, even tough, when it needs to be, or it can be very tender and soft. Allow whatever voice and expression of love arises in you to have its say.


Dear Beloved Ones,

I’m writing you this letter because you seem to have lost your ability to understand or follow my usual means of communication. You have put your faith almost entirely in words, and so, in order that you may hear me, I will use your ways.

I have heard you make assumptions. I have heard you judge yourselves, and yet you assume it’s me who’s judging you, or at least who will judge you, if you continue the way you’re going. You call me mother, and yet if you have any understanding of what that word really means you could not then say with the same breath that I will intentionally destroy you. Darlings, my hands are tied. My purpose is to gift life, and to obey its laws, but I have no desire nor ability to control life, or to bend those laws. They are sacred, and immovable.

I can’t destroy you. You credit me with too much power, and yourselves with too little. If you are destroyed it is you yourselves who will do the destroying. But as a mother, I am confused. For my part, I observe myself offering you everything you need, and in abundance, in order to support your health and well being. For your part, what I observe is you manipulating the very gifts I gave to sustain life, and turning them into poisons and pain. Why?

I want you to remember that you are loved, and you are sacred, as is all life. If you truly remember this you will see that the choices you are making deny life, instead of celebrating it. If you remember to celebrate life I will no longer need to come to you with words, for you will hear me in the wind, taste me in the salt of the sea, see me in the majesty of a tree, smell me in the joy of summer rain and feel me with the tender hands that plant the seeds of future abundance and ask me to breathe life into them that you and yours may thrive.