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phone 385Sandy beach glistens

In golden winter sunshine

I laugh with pebbles

I went for a walk on the beach, alone, this morning and it was utterly magical. It was like walking on stars as the frosty sand was glistening in the golden sun like a sparkling night sky, only beneath my feet, and when I softened my gaze the ‘stars’ went all 3D on me and I was surrounded, as if swimming in a sea of starry sparkles. When I turned to look at the bank of pebbles behind me, the beauty of their colour and variety just made me laugh with childlike happiness – they looked like an audience! And then I did something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I wrote a Haiku, there and then, carving it in into the sand with a seaweedy stick.

I noticed with interest how flowing, arty and elegant my writing turned out (it really isn’t normally, and it’s not like I was even particularly trying…), something about having to make long single strokes with no doubling back, and the willingness of the stick and the give and responsiveness of the sand. But then I realised I’d trod holes into my ‘canvas’ so the last two lines aren’t very readable at all. Next time I need to be more careful about where I place myself while I’m writing, and perhaps pick out my words with shells and pebbles to make it clearer. So two firsts today…I wrote a spontaneous Haiku into the sand AND I at last figured out (Halleluiah!!! Perhaps I’ve caught it from my tech-savvy sister, having just spent several days with her) how to upload photos from my phone!

And here’s some more spontaneous beach ‘art’ I created a while ago when I decided to make a kind of mini sculpture out of shells and pebbles I’d admired and collected during a walk, only at the end deciding they ought to stay on the beach where they belonged…

phone 370

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, and thanks to all of you who encouraged and followed my Christmas acrostic challenge (sorry I only made it to 20!) May you all have a wonderful New Year, however you choose to celebrate it, and I’ll catch up proper in 2015:-)

With all my love and bountiful blessings ofΒ  creativity, joy and peace for all in 2015!

Harula xxx