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solstice-medI first shared this photo, and a little about this ritual, in this post: https://wordsthatserve.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/week-31-of-good-deeds/

Welcome to day nineteen, for which I’ve used the word Ritual (I’m still playing catch up…) which I’ve chosen because I began today with a dance as the opening of our annual community solstice ritual, where we walk into a spiral reflecting on the year that has been and light a candle in the center to bring light with us as we transition into the New Year and open to what will be. It’s a very beautiful ritual which I look forward to each year, as I’m sure you all have your own individually, as a family or as a community, which you return to year in year out and give this time meaning. May they bring you comfort and joy. Enjoy:-)

And…why not have a go at a Christmas acrostic yourself in the comments! I’d love to read yours. I also love to receive suggestions of Christmas words to use as the basis for the next acrostics I write, so please share your favourite festive words in the comments too, and then come back to read the poem you’ve inspired!

R eturning again to the warmth and comforting core

I n those repeated practices

T hat, by their very constancy

U nveil with quiet strength the changes in ourselves

A nd give us reason and space to reflect on

L ife, both where we are and where we are heading