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nativityimage credit: http://brwacademy.com/fs2-nativity/

Welcome to day eighteen, for which I’ve used the word Nativity given to me by this random word generator site (https://www.thegamegal.com/word-generator/) because I’m getting a bit stuck (which is why I’m playing catch up again…) and samey in my choice of words! Enjoy:-)

And…why not have a go at a Christmas acrostic yourself in the comments! I’d love to read yours. I also love to receive suggestions of Christmas words to use as the basis for the next acrostics I write, so please share your favourite festive words in the comments too, and then come back to read the poem you’ve inspired!

N ew life brought forth in a cattle shed

A son of God, so the Angels said

T o a virgin mother miraculously born

I n Bethlehem that Christmas morn

V isiting kings brought offerings

I n homage to this precious being

T idings of great joy and love

Y our earth’s been blessed by heaven above