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silenceItzcuauhtl Martinez


Want to know what a true leader looks like?

Then look no further than this young man.

My mother drew my attention to this when she saw it on Facebook and I feel impelled to share with you, and to ask you to join this young man in offering an hour, or all of your day on Wednesday 10th December to being in silence as part of a worldwide campaign he has initiated to make world leaders take action on Climate Change.

He is 11 years old and has not spoken a word since October 27th, and says he will not speak again until our ‘so called ”leaders”’ (his words) take meaningful action on Climate Change. He has had to leave school because the teachers say they can’t teach him if he refuses to speak, and he is now being schooled at home. I feel deeply moved and humbled by his commitment and courage, and ask you to take a couple of minutes to watch this short simple video to learn more:

And please visit the website to sign the pledge and join the silence on Wednesday 10th, even just for an hour:


I find this young man astoundingly brave and wise, and I believe he is right – sometimes we need to be silent to be heard. I personally have committed to five hours of silence, beginning at 6.30am, and intend to use words sparingly and only when necessary throughout the rest of the day.

Please reblog this and share with your own online community, and let’s support this young man and everyone worldwide who is willing to acknowledge that we don’t have time to wait for our leaders – we have to BE the leaders. In his words,