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If I were a violin,
would you play me?
If I keep my strings perfectly tuned,
neither too loose nor too tight,
will you let me serve your mastery?
For I yearn to hear that heavenly music –
and yet I’m impatient,
for I fear that I have yet to become
the instrument you need me to be,
and so mistakenly
I allow myself to believe
that I can play that music by myself, alone.

Sweet child relax.
There are no untuned instruments
in my orchestra,
you’re all perfectly stringed,
you just don’t hear it,
for the music you speak of
must be felt – not heard
and that requires
a subtlety and surrender
beyond this illusion of perfect ‘tension’
And when you’re there you’ll know
you’re not an instrument at all…
you are the music!

And when you’ve felt that music
you’ll know
you are the very air on which those notes
are carried and vibrate,
and when you know
that you are the pure life energy
of which the very air itself is made
you’ll realise the truth of your being
both everything and nothing –
and the purest and most powerful
creative potential.
For you are the feet and
the earth that’s walked upon,
you are the sun and
the skin that feels the warmth,
you are the swimmer and
the vastness of the ocean –
for all is one,
when the vision goes deep enough
all is one,
when the heart opens wide enough
All is one –
for the same life breathes in each of us
and we are simply life, living.


I wrote this poem several years ago actually, but it came to mind today and I felt like sharing it here. Blessings all – and may the music of life play on, in and through you…Hugs, Harula xxx