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listeningIt’s interesting how quickly life can turn the tides on you, and I notice the good stuff seems to gather around me when I’m willing to genuinely listen. I shared last week how I’d been turned down for a care job I’d applied for. So, I got that letter on the Saturday and by Tuesday afternoon…I had a job! How? Because I started listening…

Last Monday night I was alone in the living room after Mum had gone to bed with nothing I particularly wanted or needed to do. ‘Do it!’ I heard, and I listened. Now this thing I was being told to ‘do’ was something I’d wanted to do for a while, and I’d talked myself out of it a hundred times with a thousand excuses, and I fully expected those to resurface. They didn’t. There was inner silence, and my fingers skipped lightly and happily over the keyboard as if they had a life of their own and no effort was required from me. They were writing an inquiry email about a job at the retreat centre I’ve been to twice this year, the deadline for which had, with my complete knowledge and acceptance, already been and gone. What my fingers were writing was a question – would it still be OK if I submitted an application, and completed with, ‘For the well being of all at Gaia House I sincerely hope the perfect person has already come along to take on the role. However, if for any reason you are still looking and a later start date would be possible then I look forward to hearing from you.’

The next morning brought an answer. They’d love to receive an application from me! OK, this was getting a bit real. And there was another issue. This job was very much about service, with a small monthly allowance and room and board in return for my full-time work in their kitchen. So now I needed money. ‘Just do it!’, so I did. ‘Could you come for an interview this afternoon?’ And so it was that in less than twenty four hours I’d opened up the possibility of a job I’ve dreamed of for months AND secured a temporary job in a biscuit factory (!) to earn the money I need to make the dream job viable!!! Super cool!!!

Do you know that feeling? That feeling when the loving Universe says, ‘Ah hah, well done, you’re listening again at last so sure – now I can help you. Ok, what do you need?’ There’s a sense of inevitability and flow. And you know what – it doesn’t even really matter what happens next. Rediscovering that sense of following through on intuition, gut feeling, calling, whatever name you want to give it, is such a gift the result is almost irrelevant. There’s a letting go that accepts that life holds no guarantees and living from trust means I don’t ask for or expect them, but if I’m willing to listen, I can be more responsive to whatever comes. That feels very alive.

Good Deeds Received

A dear friend whom I hadn’t caught up with in a while responded to my invite for a cuppa and we had an amazing conversation, during which we delved into multiple layers of life and she mentioned a book she wanted to lend me. That evening, I found the book on my doorstep. The last book she recommended was life changing, so I’m a little nervous – but also very excited to start this one…

The lady who interviewed me gave me a job at the biscuit factory on the spot, and invited me in for an induction the next day!

The following day my induction included a tour of the factory (which has just a hint of Willy Wonka…) and one of the other women on the induction, whom I’d just that morning met, smilingly helped me to tuck my hair fully into the obligatory hairnet, as it’s hard to see round the back.

A scene from the film of 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.A friend whose husband works at the factory very kindly agreed to give me a lift home when she picks him up, as there is no late bus back to where I live, and I’m on an afternoon/evening shift like him.

My Mum was more than understanding and supportive when I told her I might be moving to Gaia House, and assured me I must do whatever will make me happy.

The woman in charge of the applications at Gaia House emailed me within a hour of my having sent the completed application, thanking me and saying they’d get back to me as soon as possible. So, friends, please keep everything crossed for me.

The friend whose house and cat I’m looking after while she’s away left a fire ready to light, all laid out ready in the wood stove – how sweet!

Good Deeds Done

Texted a friend who’s just released her small flock of Guinea fowl into the area where I’m living in my other friend’s house, to say I’d just seen the Guineas and counted only five (there should be six!) She immediately went looking and number six (Sam his name is) can’t be found. I hope he’s ok and, if he’s not, I hope the others are now a little wiser!

I hung up some fresh laundry and folded the dry stuff when I dropped in on my Mum’s house to pick up some stuff.

Have been spending regular quality time with the cat here, who’s called Cinders, and hanging out with her on the sofa. I love the warm sound and gentle shake of a purring cat!

Organised for someone else to drop in on Cinders in the early evening when I’ll be at work during the week, to give her her ‘supper’ and keep her company for a bit.

Created a mini shell sculpture on the beach to thank the sea and entertain passers by, until the next tide gobbles it up.

Turned up with a cake to a birthday party with a difference – it was to honour the lady I used to care for who passed away earlier this year, and whose birthday it would have been, had she still been alive. It was a sweet gathering, as many of us hadn’t seen each other for a while, and it was lovely for her husband to have his home filled with cake, chatter andΒ  company again. The party had been his idea.

The cake I’d intended for the party wasn’t needed there, so I took it to Mum’s cafe and we ate it there, sharing it with several lucky customers over a cup of tea.

I believe there’s truly magic in listening –Β  let me know your own experiences/thoughts in the comments below, and have a great week my friends!