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you were buzzing

near my window

confused by the glass


he tried to swat you


with his wife’s magazine


‘it’s ok’

I tried feebly

‘it’ll find the open door’


(it’s no threat

I inwardly affirmed

and you’re a bully)


ignoring me

he squashed you dead

with a satisfying smear


‘well done you!’

cooed a woman

sat close to the open door


where he stood

and shrugged

your corpse onto the pavement


my mind wanted numbers –

how much bigger was he

than you had been?


(I’ll google it later

– wasp vs man –

but 1000x and more for sure)


turning to stare

through unnatural glass

with hot eyes


I saw life

too wild for him alone to swat aside

too wide for me alone to protect