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“Between darkness and light

I will always walk

and every place that I go

I will open a window

a window of light

and plant a seed of love”

These are the words to a song I learned several years ago which I understand was created by a women’s group made up of both Israelis and Palestinians. I wish my computer camera was working as I’d sing it into a video for you so you could hear the melody too, as I can’t find a version online. It touched me so deeply the first time I heard it that I retreated to a corner in tears for several minutes before I could continue singing. For me it speaks of the naturalness of the changing currents of life from expansiveness, openness and light to contraction, fear and darkness. Planting the seed of love can happen regardless of which of these states we feel closest too, or where on the scale between joy and despair we find ourselves, and I believe love’s very value is it’s very ability to transcend polarities.

As nature begins to lay her rainbow coloured bedspread in early preparation for a long and well deserved winter sleep, I marvel at the variety of mushrooms popping up like spontaneous fairy settlements in clusters that make me giggle like a child in wonder at their otherworldliness. Everything has its season…

Good Deeds Received

Mum let me borrow the car which allowed me to take myself on a new, longer walk to instill the muscles in my legs with the same passionate yearning for walking as my heart and soul, in preparation for something longer some time soon. She also spontaneously provided me with a delicious picnic lunch from her cafe, which I ate as I strolled alone and free along the beach.

One of the participants on the English language course I’m currently teaching cooked a delicious Indian style meal for all of us last night, including a fabulous dessert of mangoes, cinnamon, yoghurt, honey and a few other magic ingredients.

A dear friend, with whom I love to sing and share all that is creative, beautiful and uplifting (as well as the challenges we lean on each other through…) introduced me to a beautiful song which I listened to about five times in a row immediately because -well, you’ll see. If you can avoid smiling, swaying and humming along then you must be one of those impressively self disciplined individuals who can eat a sugary doughnut without licking your lips…but I say it’s a shame to resist such sweetness:-)

People have continued to approach me to offer both promises and items for a fundraising auction I’ll be holding next Sunday for my Rwandan friend Beatha. A tarot reading, a massage and a knitting lesson have been added to the list not to mention a pair of stunning hand crafted ceramic mugs from our local pottery.


I was given directions by a kind couple who saw me looking a bit lost and unsuccessfully reading and re-reading my guidebook which didn’t tell me what to do if the tide was too high for me to follow the normal route on the walk I’d set out on…thank you!

A dear friend made time for a wonderful Skype chat and re-inspired me to take steps towards a dream, expressing such belief and enthusiasm that she helped me rekindle my own.

A friend I haven’t caught up with in a while invited me to spend some time with her and her gorgeous toddler son.

Good Deeds Done

I sent some more money to Beatha, in perfect timing because she’d literally just run out when I spoke to her to give her the collection details – may next week’s auction be as abundant and nourishing as the heavily laden apple trees I’m currently admiring.

I bought a copy of the Big Issue from a man I’ve seen several times locally, and occasionally chat too. I made time to listen to him sharing about his wife recently leaving him, and the challenges he faces providing for his 10 month old baby girl who is being looked after by his sister while he sells the magazine, as his wife left her behind. It was a moving and humbling conversation.

I spent my free afternoon offering twenty minute one on one sessions to my students, so they could ask about any grammar points and other learning issues they’ve had so far as we reach the half way mark in this four week course.

I bought some after dinner chocolates and some drinks to share during our group meal together.

I called my brother back early in the morning, when I saw I’d missed a couple of calls from him, and made time for a chat and catch up before going to class.

Took out the hoover to clean up the mess I’d made in our community centre when I dropped a box of biscuits – luckily the hoover liked double chocolate cookies.

I volunteered to help wash dishes when the brunch time clean up crew asked for help, as they were a very small team to clean up after more than a hundred diners!

OK folks, have a great week:-)