To be continued – part 2


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I started this a while back, and just felt to continue it tonight. There may be more to come I’m not sure, but this is where I got to for now – enjoy:-)


I packed a bag

and looked for a map

with a road marked to peace

for I wanted to go

where my pain could not find me


But my walking was slow

for my bag weighed me down

till I took out my tent

which I left by the road with a note

that read, ‘Friend, help yourself’


When weariness came

the earth made my bed

beneath trees

and the stars sang my sleep



Too soon I awoke

to a touch on my hand

and my sleep tender eyes

met the face of my pain

smiling back in relief

‘Now I’ve found you’


So I left the soft space

of the light hidden stars

and bristled with anger

that roared at my pain

‘Leave me be!’


I snatched up my bag

set my feet on the road

and walked on

though my pain’s saddened eyes

bore into my back with their loss


I traveled for days

with my pain playing shadow

and walking behind me

though well at a distance

for fear of my fury


In silence we walked

‘my anger now softer

for alone on the path

I began to see value

in some company. even of pain


But the miles took their toll

on my legs, growing weary

our pace had now slowed

to a shuffle and stop,

so I turned


‘Will I never be free?’

my pain looked at me

offering his hand

as my shy eyes fell earthwards

my palm joined with his


and where our palms met

I heard my hand howl

a noise filled with triumph

as much as with grief

as it raced up my arm to my lips


and I began to shake wildly

in every cell

with no will to resist

pain’s arms

as he wrapped tight around me


but I was not scared

for the arms held a hug

that spoke of knowing me intimately

so I breathed pain in

until I was all that remained









11 thoughts on “To be continued – part 2”

  1. Give your pain love and then release and let it go.

  2. Very beautiful, poignant and sad, Harula xxxx

  3. I could feel this Harula. Wherever we go we take ourselves with us, pain, anguish, joy, the whole package has to be embraced and this is no easy task. You captured this beautifully in your poem. Love hugs and blessings xxx

    • Thank you so much Christine for this heartfelt comment – it’s so lovely to receive a comment that affirms so strongly the intention of the poem. It’s very kind of you to say I’ve captured something in these words, although I’m not totally satisfied with it but perhaps I was too impatient, or trying too hard. Still, it felt worth sharing – and your comment confirms that it was. With much gratitude, Harula xxx

  4. Sorry my typos make my comment look like a strange language! 😊

  5. really like that Lu!

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