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A busy week so no themed intro I’m afraid. Sorry this is late – enjoy:-)

Good Deeds Received

My niece sent me a very beautiful and touching text message, thanking me for the letter I wrote her recently, saying she was going to frame it and that it had really cheered her up just when she needed it…her words really touched me.

My friend called me back to check that I understood the bus she’d just given me the time for was taking a different route, to make sure I wasn’t left waiting in the wrong place. And this was after I’d called her much too early on a Saturday morning for bus times I should have had – bless you!

My mother held me the other morning when I got overwhelmed with nerves about teaching on this one month English course that’s just started. I don’t get nervous very often, and I’ve taught it about 14 times before, so I’m not sure what was going on. I was a mess and very jumpy, but being held helped…and it all turned out well, so there was no reason to be worried.

A friend noticed I was nervous when I missed the joke in our usual banter, and made a point of checking in with me later in the day to see if everything was going ok.

Mr colleague gave me half the afternoon off today, which gave me time to walk in the sun and spontaneously bump into and chat to a couple of dear friends, so thank you!

Someone I don’t think I’ve ever met, but who’d read about my fundraising plan for Beatha in Rwanda, called to offer support.

A generous friend saw me as I walked past the cafe she was sitting in and stopped me so that she could give me some money for Beatha.

Good Deeds Done

Overcame my nerves and helped hold a successful welcome session for our new English students.

I later managed to get hold of a couple of electrical adapters for two participants who hadn’t brought one with them, and whose phones were running out of battery. They only said thank you about, what, 20 times!!!

Showed a woman who was looking for a lift a good place to hitch hike from.

Sent more money to Beatha earlier on this week.

Called the airport to chase some luggage which one of my students was missing, as it had been mislaid or delayed by the airline. She was so relieved when I told her it had been found and would be delivered tomorrow. I think she hugged me four times, shrieking with delight and thanking me over and over. All I did was make a phone call:-)

A good deed to myself ended up as a good deed for Mum too. I realised on Tuesday that I needed what I call ‘an away day’ when I go to Inverness (the nearest city, about an hour by bus) alone with my phone off and my computer at home and just walk and wander around and drink coffee and write poems if they come. It’s the nearest place that sells my Mum’s favourite moisturiser, so I bought her some, as well as some travel info on the Orkney islands because she mentioned she’d love to go there.

When I found, when I was cleaning it the night before, that the fridge in the building we are using for the course was badly (like four inches or rock hard ice!) in need of defrosting, I could’ve spent a lot of time and energy tracking down who should be responsible and asked them to do it, and, without saying it expressly, made it clear that I was disappointed. I didn’t. Instead I just gathered some old towels and newspapers and switched it off, coming in early the next day to clean it up.