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image credit: http://www.plantteacher.com/the-road-to-santiago/


I packed a bag

and looked for a map

with a road marked to peace

for I wanted to go

where my pain could not find me


But my walking was slow

for my bag weighed me down

till I took out my tent

which I left by the road with a note

that read, ‘Friend, help yourself’


When weariness came

the earth made my bed

beneath trees

and the stars sang my sleep



Too soon I awoke

to a touch on my hand

and my sleep tender eyes

met the face of my pain

smiling back in relief

‘Now I’ve found you’


So I left the soft space

of now light hidden stars

and bristled with anger

that roared at my pain

‘Leave me be!’


I snatched up my bag

set my feet on the road

and walked on

though my pain’s saddend eyes

bore into my back with their loss




I started this poem not knowing where it was going to take me and I’m still not sure, but I will continue it soon when I have time to listen…