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open doorEndings and beginnings are really just two sides of the same door, and although some of the doors are heavier, and bigger and might even require a complex set of keys to open, others are so momentary and effortlessly open as to be almost ephemeral.

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.


I’ve used Eliot’s quote before but it’s so wise that I find it bears repeating, for it ignites hope in me when I have to face difficult endings and goodbyes, and even acts as a muse it seems…

Warm drops running down

cheeks and windowsills absorbed

by love’s porous heart

I write this as heavy rain falls, and students with red puffy tear stained eyes get into taxis bearing them to the airport, and home. I’ve cleaned my classroom, said goodbye to my colleagues and washed up a few final cups in the staff room. I’ve sincerely ‘carded and chocolated’ the smiling, warm-hearted women who’ve served us in the dining room, and now I’m waiting for my own transport through the door back to beginning…

Good Deeds Received

Was treated to a fabulous evening of music, blue skies and pies by my Dad last Sunday, as he, my brother and I went to an open air folk concert nearby in the Cotswolds – fabulous!

One of my new students referred to be as ‘the best teacher’ when she introduced me to a man working int he shop she was buying souvenirs from during our recent trip to London.

A colleague who’s continuing to teach here for another two weeks said sincerely that I’d be missed, and also laughed at some pretty bad jokes of mine which touched me more than I expected – being intentionally funny isn’t my forte!

Another colleague made a point of finding me in my classroom yesterday to say goodbye, before he left for a weekend in London.

I got a lovely email from a friend who shared that the thank you card I’d sent her just happened to arrive on her birthday, which I’d been totally unaware of – what delicious serendipity:-)

One of my colleagues discovered a patch of ripe blackberries on a run, and brought back several bowls full to share with us at dinner.

Another colleague took a good chunk of time to read and comment on my blog. I really appreciated the genuine interest…and the humourous feedback:-)

Good Deeds Done

Sent a belated thank you card to a friend who had been very supportive in helping my Rwandan friend, Beatha.

Went to wake one of my students who seems to struggle to be on time, to make sure she didn’t miss out o the London trip, which was an early start.

Got up early on my final day of teaching (yesterday) to plunder my creativity to plan for one final lesson of fun. One part I’d planned was for each student to teach the rest of the class a little of their own language (Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Arabic). When I arrived back at the classroom after breakfast, having no idea what I was planning, one of the students had begun to write basic words and phrases in Hungarian with an English translation next to it – they’re mind readers!

Bought an ice-cream for a student who had spent all their money on souvenirs in the first ten minutes of a 2 hour free time shopping break.

Bought a couple of bottles of wine and some munchies for a mini thank you and goodbye in the teachers’ kitchen last night.

Sent a text to my sister to make sure we caught up again before I go back up to Scotland. Looking forward to seeing her later today:-)

Sent a birthday text to a friend who’s celebrating by going off on her holiday with the family today – have fun guys!