For anything I’ve ever

said or done

that’s left cause for you to doubt

even for a moment

that I love you

forgive me


Though it may be hard to hear

much less believe

what’s real in me knows

I have never stopped loving you –

not for a moment,

not for a single breath

of this precious life

has my love for you

been anything but fierce and true


I may have been tired or angry

hurt or sad

scared or ashamed

but all the above

were just so much rain

they were not the river


Rain comes and goes

and we may curse it

but the river flows constantly

welcoming the rain

with reckless abandon

that it may broaden

or even break its banks

and so the course may change

but the destination never does


And so my love for you

in its wisdom knows

it has harvested the hard times

swollen from them

and grown into a heart

more capable of holding

the pain of this world,

for no love less deep or true

would have dared to ask

to push and say,

‘come now, just a little more’


Yes, I have found my Nos

and voiced them

but those Nos were the little more

you asked for,

those were the words

for which I dug deepest

for I knew they came with pain

and yet love has but one door

and in coming through

I had to bring all of me

for nothing less raw or free

would have given you the chance

to see the all I am

and decide

for your part

if you love me