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Wow, what a day:-) I wrote an email to several friends this morning, some of which I shared in a post earlier today, and already I have the money I was aiming for to help my friend in Rwanda! Not only do I have it, I had it, it my bank account, in less than two hours from the moment of sending the email!!! Isn’t that INCREDIBLE!? So, that’s a great ‘Good Deed received indeed!!!’ start to June:-) And I thought this Camus quote was great, because I can feel the difference, between generosity and charity, even if I don’t know that I could explain it very well and, well, today was ALLLLLLL about generosity, with bells on!

But for now, let’s catch up on last week…

Sunday 25th May

Brought my Mum and her business partner a piece of still warm rhubarb cake from the brunch leftovers in the community kitchen. When they saw me coming with the loaded plate from 50 yards away, they started shouting, ‘We love you, we love you!’.

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum waited for me to finish my care shift so she could give me a lift home, even though she’d been working all day.

Monday 26th May

Dug deep to lead a very enjoyable and moving group discovery games session on my own, though I could feel I didn’t have much in reserve by the end.

AND good deed(s) received:

So much warm appreciation, and loads of loving hugs from the people I’d led the games session for.

Tuesday 27th May

Met with a colleague to discuss lesson planning, and ended up supporting her in managing a tricky cultural misunderstanding between two participants. Drafted an article for our community magazine, with and for a friend who was planning a fundraising. Cooked 40 crepes for one of the wedding dishes my mother was preparing.

AND good deed(s) received:

When I missed the evening bus I was distraught, but once I’d calmed myself down and summoned up a smile, I hitched a ride within minutes and ended up being 10 minutes early for my evening care shift!

Wednesday 28th May

Taught a great English lesson, which I’d put a lot into preparing, and spent some time talking to a student who hadn’t come to class, to help resolve an underlying issue. I then took extra time writing a careful and detailed email about it, to make sure all my colleagues were up to date and on the same page.

AND good deed(s) received:

Lots of great questions and enthusiastic engagment from the students.

Thursday 29th May

Taught another great lesson, to the lower level class and realised, again, how much I enjoy what I do. Answered the question of the difference between lend and borrow while waiting with the students in the lunch queue, continuing the lesson until the food stopped us from talking!

AND good deed(s) received:

My friend readily shouted me a coffee when I checked in my purse, on arrival at the cafe we had gone to, and realised I was out of cash.

Friday 30th May

Did some food shopping for Mum and I, and then cleaned for a friend, despite being a bit on the tired and overwhelmed side. Later brought Mum something to eat herself (she’d forgotten she was hungry!) while she was frying off beef for a stew in the community kitchen, as part of the wedding feast.

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a wonderful conversation with a friend over a cup of tea in the sunshine, and…the dress I had decided to wear for the wedding was kind enough to fit me!

Saturday 31st May

Spent the day helping Mum with final preparations of the wedding food, including going to the shop for last minute ingredients, and driving the food (including an incredibly ornate and delicate wedding cake – I was scared!), at no more than 5pmh, down a bumpy track to the wedding venue in the woods, back and forth three times in the car:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

A friend offered Mum and I a bathroom each (!) in her shared house for us to do a last minute freshen up and dress up before the wedding ceremony…which was soooooo beautiful. If I’ve ever seen such love and happiness before, shining through space between the locked eyes of two people who are so intent on each other they’re hardly registering the words the minister is saying…well, I just don’t think I have. A very sweet, poignant, powerful moment that it was a privilege to witness:-)

Wishing you a wonderful week dear friends.

Love and hugs, Harula xxx