DSCF0646Dear friends,

Here’s part of an email I wrote to friends this morning as I believe it helps to share the task of holding someone who is struggling with our loving attention, no matter where we are in the world. We can always do something, for a kind thought or a loving prayer can be very powerful tools and they cost nothing.

I’ll be back later with my regular Sunday post.

Love and blessings,

Harula xxx

My dear Dear friends

Much love to you on this first Sunday in June:-) I hope this finds you well, and if you haven’t heard from me more personally in a while, please accept my apologies.

Yesterday I spoke to Beatha, my dear friend in Rwanda. Beatha is not well. She tried to call me and I saw the number, so I called her back. I hadn’t spoken to her for over two months. She’s been ill for about a month, and has fluid on the lungs. That’s all I could understand from the mixture of French and Kinyarwanda we have to try to communicate in. She sent her two boys away to live with a friend of hers in Butare (the opposite part of the country) about two weeks ago. I know this friend, Ingabire, well and am confident that the two boys, Mucyo and Mugisha, are fine. I also know that Beatha would never send her children away unless she had no other choice, and I am very grateful that she has someone to call on where they will be safe and well cared for (Ingabire’s husband has a good job, and they have children of their own).

Because Beatha has been ill (she has some kind of drain already on her lungs, I couldn’t understand exactly) she hasn’t been working in her shop, the one she set up to sell food after she sold the cow we bought her. As a result of continued absence, the shop has been robbed. Whoever it was took everything. Beatha has waited until this moment to try and contact me. She’s already been ill a month, and now certainly needs to go to hospital again (she has had some treatment already it seems).

At the moment my focus is on getting Beatha well again. What touched me most yesterday was the feeling that someone I love is alone and in pain, without anyone to hold her hand. That said, she was her usual incredibly strong self, with no sign of fear or tears. Whether she would feel it consciously or not, I invite you to send her your love and blessings, as I truly believe this helps…and I know it helps me, to know that I am not the only one holding her in my awareness. I have included a photo as an attachment which you can use if this helps.

With all my love and huge gratitude. As I was putting together a quick list of who I could send this email to, it was incredibly moving to realise how many people I have in my life that I can call on to help on all levels. I know I am one of the lucky ones.

I love you!

With huge hugs,

Harula xxxxxx