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Life is like a perfect puzzle at the moment, with everything slotting into place incredibly neatly, if at times a little tightly. I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe and focus on finding the freedom that’s inside instead of getting too caught up in the structures that contain (and constrain?!) my life on the outer. I’m reminded to step back and enjoy the bigger picture and not to get too obsessed with the individual puzzle pieces, which after all, can only offer a tiny taste of the truth in and of themselves. You know that story about the blind men and the elephant…?

Sunday 11th April

Took a plastic bag with me to pick litter as I walked to work. It was so interesting to see my attitude change. At first I felt very self-conscious, but gradually I really started to enjoy myself, and how I was slowed down by the task, and started to be glad when I saw more litter to pick, as if it was treasure or something, or I was proud with myself for spotting it! Got me thinking about how I approach ‘bad’ things/people in life, and I asked myself if there was a way to shift my perspective to see it all as treasure that has a valuable lesson in its midst, and not to go round tut tutting and judging but rather to lighten up and say, ‘Oh look, there’s another irritating person! Let me go and practice my patience and compassion…’ No, seriously, I…oops, there I go being serious again:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

I got a lift halfway in to work, so I could really slow down as I walked the rest of the way and pick up every bit of litter I found! I got gifted a delicious pizza for dinner from my Mum’s take away place:-) Mum was still away and I helped them clean up at the end of the day when their regular end of the day helper didn’t turn up.

Monday 12th April

Had the most incredible morning where I held (or at least was the channel for – honestly, that’s how it felt, I sure didn’t do ‘that’ by myself!) a life writing session for a group doing a program called ‘creative maturity’. It was deeply moving and when I asked them at the end to individually sum up the morning with three words, or a gesture, the first man silently bowed deeply to me. I didn’t know how to contain that kind of gratitude…

AND good deed(s) received:

A friend made time in her busy life to have a coffee with me and share her news. The sun shone on an afternoon of gardening work, turning what was already pleasurable into pure joy.

Tuesday 13th May

I spent the morning unpacking a few boxes and moving furniture in Mum’s new house so that it would be a bit welcoming for when she arrived back from England. Was there to welcome her and made lunch for the two of us. Gave her the small present I’d bought for her in Sweden. Spent HOURS on the phone with utilities companies getting the details/supply switched over to Mum’s new address.

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum gave me the car so I could drive home and also take some colleagues to a training day the next day, which made it so much easier than taking a bus. She also warmly thanked me for my time on the phone!

Wednesday 14th May

Volunteered myself to be prodded and lifted and generally manhandled as people practices the techniques we were learning. Agreed to squeeze in a cleaning job for a friend the next day.

AND good deed(s) received:

Had an inspiring and enjoyable day training on the correct methods for moving and handling people who are vulnerable, like the elderly lady I care for. Mum cooked dinner for the two of us, when I got back, and then drove me home.

Thursday 15th May

Made a point of using and applying the techniques we learned yesterday as I worked with our elderly lady, along with a colleague who had also attended yesterday. We helped each other to remember and reflect.

AND good deed(s) received:

Lots of appreciation from the friend I cleaned for, as well as his usual overpayment/tip:-)

Friday 16th May

Made time to hang out and catch up with a dear friend, and her newly turned one year old little son. Helped entertain, and push and lift and play with this adorable little being, and his friend. Gave my evening care shift my full attention, even though my mind was trying to plot and plan lessons and transport etc for the summer!

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum let me have her new sitting room to myself for an hour for a phone interview, as I have very bad mobile reception where I live and the land line wasn’t up and running yet since the move. Was provisionally offered a teaching job (English Language summer school) over the summer in my old home town! Still waiting for written confirmation, but it looks 95% sure!

Saturday 17th May

Prioritised writing and sending a card, and a small pressie from Sweden, for my sister’s birthday, which is next week – it was in the post by 10.30am:-) I agreed to help a friend with a fundraising project.

AND good deed(s) received:

My friend treated  me to the coffee and scone I’d just had and also invited me to lunch:-) I was generously paid and appreciated, as well as entertained with conversation while I cleaned for a older woman in the community.

Wishing you a wonderful week dear friends.

Love and hugs, Harula xxx