THANK YOU Tag Cloud (card thanks greetings gratitude welcome)I was told a story about a father who was with his two children in a car. His daughter was reading and had come across the word, optimist. ‘What does that mean Dad?’ she asked. The father went into an explanation about a glass filled half way with fruit juice, and whether we saw it as half full or half empty. The daughter said she understood.

Her brother hadn’t been paying attention, but suddenly wanted in on the discussion. ‘What are you guys talking about?’ he asked. The father replied with a question, ‘What would you say if I gave you a glass filled up half way with juice?’ ‘Thank you,’ the child replied.

Quotation-Meister-Eckhart-life-prayer-Meetville-Quotes-161904When I first heard this story it left a huge smile on my face for hours, and it still conjures magic every time I think of it. Profound wisdom wrapped up in utter simplicity. Thank you is the only word I came away from Sweden knowing, and I learned it not by asking my friend, but by observing, listening, understanding context without understanding words.

So I’m going to listen for that word today and I’m going to try to say it consciously, not just as a matter of habit, because ‘thank you’ in any language is a powerful prayer, and powerful prayers should be said with intent. Each time I say thank you today, may it bring joy and blessing to the one who hears it.

And here is a post that I’ve just read which I feel great thanks for, so check it out if when you have a moment.


Thank you, merci, murakoze, efharisto, Tack, dank u, arigato, gracias, enkosi, danke…

Harula xxx