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So I’ve made it to week 46, and this week has left me feeling, in no particular order; humble, tired and very blessed. This week is VERY much weighted in favour of Good Deeds received, as those around me have shown such support, flexibility and understanding. I’d been way too ambitious with what I thought I could handle this week, and packed my diary to the point that it was bulging and oozing at the seams. Thankfully this lack of foresight on my part met with nothing but kindness from those whom I had to ask for help, or ‘let down’ (my words) by canceling. A week where I’ve learned another lesson about being honest with myself and knowing what I can happily and healthily fill my days with, in terms of work, play, socialising and stillness, and the balance of those four.

Sunday 30th March (Mother’s Day)

I got an unexpected lift in to work, saving me half an hour, so I made a spontaneous Mother’s Day card to go with the Ferrero Rocher chocolates I’d bought for Mum. I took both to her in the cafe where she was working.

AND good deed(s) received:

A friend of a friend I hadn’t seen in ages saw me walking and gave me a lift. Lots of appreciation for a games session I led with a bunch of Masters students from an Edinburgh University.

Monday 31st March

Met up with a friend for lunch and a chat and really enjoyedย  catching up with her and hearing her latest news. Spent at least an extra half hour beyond their two hour slot with the Austrian family I teach English to. It seems all the questions come at the end of the lesson and then they lead us down such an interesting route that I want to follow through:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

I was spotted by the father of one of my students, waiting for the bus, and he gave me a lift in to town. Honestly, not having a car has turned into such a gift, I get exercise and lots of chance, fun meetings with people I otherwise don’t chat with that much. I hadn’t realised just how many people I know and how generous they all are!!!

Tuesday 1st April

Treated my Mum to a film and lunch as her Mother’s day gift, which is what she’d asked for. We had such a fun day in Inverness, our nearest ‘big smoke’.

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum was chauffeur for the day, and agreed to stop off at a particular shop on the way back where I could buy ecological washing powder.

Wednesday 2nd April

Was early, because I got a lift, so I had a little time to hang out in the library and write a poem before going to my cleaning job!

AND good deed(s) received:

Another lift into town with yet another friend! We took the opportunity to clarify some work stuff so that saves me computer time!

Thursday 3rd April

Gave one of the best creative writing sessions ever, because I threw out the plan completely. when I got a sense of where this group were at and what they needed, and flew purely on intuition. It was an incredible feeling.

AND good deed(s) received:

There was so much appreciation for the writing session I didn’t know where to look – yes, I do get shy sometimes, especially when it comes to compliments.

Friday 4th April

Cleaned the community Youth Building, the space where we would be spending time with the children from the families visiting the community for a week. It was a tip, which I hadn’t expected, but once I got into it, I enjoyed myself, and two hours and a mended vacuum cleaner later (!) it felt welcoming again:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

A dear friend very sweetly emailed to let me know that we could rearrange our Skype chat, planned for that evening, if I was too busy – and I took her up on that very thoughtful offer as the day felt very full. A colleague very kindly offered to do my evening care shift for me, as I was running late because of the cleaning, and hadn’t packed or prepared my only things ready for the family week, and just needed a little down time after a busy day. She really saved my vegetarian bacon and I genuinely hope I can repay the favour sometime.

Saturday 5th April

Left my fresh fruit and veg out in a basket for my housemates to use as I wouldn’t be eating at home for a week. Warmly welcomed the five families who’ve come to experience the community for a week. Dropped in on one of my Thai students, to deliver balloons and two packs of playing cards (he loves doing card tricks) because it was his 15th birthday.

AND good deed(s) received:

Some very sweet interactions with the children of the families I’d just met, including one six year old boy appreciating a picture I’d drawn, a twelve year old boy asking for my encouragement and permission to have a look at our bee hives. He stood there absolutely mesmerized, it was beautiful to watch. A slice of delicious chocolate birthday cake!

I wish you all a week prepared to the perfect recipe of play, work, stillness and sociailsing, and if there are typos in this post – I apologise – I haven’t proof read it thoroughly…:-)