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Just found a WordPress news post in my reader promoting NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) which invites participants to write a poem a day throughout April. However, right now it’s late, so I’m gonna cheat, and share a poem I wrote a few weeks ago…but I will try to write a new poem every day from now on throughout April. I’m guaranteeing only quantity, and I’ll leave the question of quality to the muse:-)


Ghandi didn’t know

what to do next

so he left

to listen to silence

his followers

grew impatient

for it took three months

for silence to speak

then Ghandi came back

and began to walk

to the sea

for the salt of freedom

I didn’t know

what to do next

so I went away for three weeks

to listen

but I’m not as good as Gahndi

at listening

so maybe three weeks

wasn’t long enough

then again

I’m not expecting

to save a nation

just myself