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So folks, it’s week 45 and I can honestly describe this last week as one of the most magical my life has yet experienced, and I mean that in a very UNhocus-pocus way. I mean it in the way of using the power of trust very practically; like walking towards the road knowing I was too late for the bus and knowing I had a meeting I would be too late for if I walked and just trusting that, because the meeting needed to happen, somehow I would get there (see Friday!); or not booking lunch in the community centre because somehow I knew lunch needed to be left flexible and then being invited to share lunch with the Thai students I’m teaching, which lead to a deeper conversation about my possibly volunteering in Burma/Myanmar; or being in a total flap about having ‘lost’ my phone, and having searched the car and my bags at least three times (it must have looked quite comical if anyone had been watching…), eventually stopping, breathing, closing my eyes and asking for help – I got one word, kitchen – and there it was. Now if that’s not a recommendation for stopping, breathing and asking for help I don’t know what is! You know, THAT kind of magic…OK, there’s a whole post in there but I’ll save it for another time, let’s get on with the details of this last week…

Sunday 23rd March

Went in to have lunch at Mum’s Juice Bar/Creperie and ended up helping out for half an hour because they were busy, so made three crepes for customers, before I made and ate mine, which made it all the more delicious:-) Make three – get one free!

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a long Skype conversation with my friend in Sweden during which we decided on my flights to visit her – I leave on April 30 for 9 days!!! Went out for a lovely walk, followed by coffee and cake with three friends, and ended up being unexpectedly treated to the…treats:-) Met up with another friend who showed me an amazing Diary, created by a bunch of UK artists (in all mediums) who love the earth. She thought I my want to submit some poetry for a future edition. Check out some sample pages on their website:


Monday 24th March

Guided a beautiful discovery games session with a very sweet group of just eight people, who are here for one month to study English. The tenderness and care was palpable. I later helped a friend/colleague assess the students in terms of language levels, as they will be divided into two small groups of four.

AND good deed(s) received:

As part of the assessment we did mini interviews and I was deeply touched by the honesty and the depth revealed in these little five minute windows, that allowed me to peep into the lives of some very interesting people. In just eight people we have five nationalities represented, coming from three different continents!

Tuesday 25th March

Got to work early cleaning and re-arranging my room so it could be used for when my nephews come to stay, and packed the necessities for my move! Bumped into a friend later in a local shop. He’d forgotten his wallet, so I lent him the money. He was at the counter and about to have to go home without the food – the timing was IMPECCABLE!!! (Thank you Universe, Spirit, Intangible Wisdom…)

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum drove me to my new home, and I arrived to a warm welcome, including being offered dinner. They even lent me a bike lock immediately, when I said I didn’t have one and would need to buy one before I could use my bike. You know, like the Sufi story, β€œTrust God but, you know, tie up your camel.”


Wednesday 26th March

Gave an honest No to a request I could have listed so many reasons to say Yes to, but I knew I had to say No. I had been asked to consider working full-time on the next one month English course at the end of May, as they were still down one teacher. I’d said clearly at the end of last year that I wasn’t going to, but the question was still asked and I took it as both a compliment, and an invitation from ‘life’ to demonstrate and practice my willingness to be true to myself and create space for the new to come in. One of those moments when it’s not OK but it’s also totally OK, if you know what I mean?!

AND good deed(s) received:

There was something quite profound in having that No gracefully and authentically received. There was honesty, it was clear a Yes would have brought more immediate joy and ease, but there was also a real meeting, a real seeing of the truth that this No was real and coming from a place of wanting to honour a need that goes beyond what’s comfortable and practical. I felt genuinely supported in listening to that, as my colleague had also shared before we began the business part our talk, that this was an issue he was facing in his life too.

Thursday 27th March

Ran out of space in my Good Deed’s notebook and started a new one!!! Said yes to two lovely requests; to read and give feedback on someone’s novel and to lead a discovery games session for a French Group next month.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received the money back from the friend who’d been caught short in the shop, along with the interest of a warm and laughter filled hug:-) Ahhhh me, if only banks would accept interest payments in that way – the world could be quite a different place, don’t you think?!

Friday 28th March

Posted a letter for the father of one of the Thai boys who was in a rush as they were going away for the weekend, immediately after morning lessons. Went to see the place my Mum’s interested in renting, as she wanted my opinion.

AND good deed(s) received:

Got offered a lift from a friend before I’d even made it to the end of the road and stuck out my thumb! I had no other way of getting to town to see the house my Mum wants to rent, as the next bus would’ve got me there too late for the appointment I had – but all was well, the Universe had it all well under control, I just had to trust.

Saturday 29th March

Wrote and sent a letter for to send to Mum’s landlord giving notice, as she too has now decided to leave and has already found a place! Called a friend who’d left me a voice message yesterday and managed to arrange a time to catch up next week, despite us both being quite busy – hooray!

AND good deed(s) received:

Very warm appreciation from Mum for the letter that I wrote. Actually, she honestly and truly said, and I quote, “I’m so glad you’re alive!”

Have a magical week dear friends, and share those magic moments in the comments if you feel drawn – magic grows with the sharing:-) OH!!! And I just saw that I completed last week’s post with ‘Have a great week dear friends:-) May it be full of everyday magic and the joys of spring!’ Now THAT”S cool!!!