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P1040323The wise and wonderful river…

So folks, it’s week 44 (4 is my favourite number by the way, so with this being a week of double favourite – it had to be good, right?!) and so bursting at the seams with life and movement and the new – I found a room to rent, was invited to visit a friend in Sweden (I’ve never been there before…) and was asked to consider a possible voluntary English teaching assignment in Myanmar/Burma (never been there before either…) – yep, all in one week! So, no wonder I had to sing to the river again, but more specifically this time. I sometimes spontaneously sing new lyrics to a tune I already know, and this is what came out this time.

To the river: You’re so wise,

please teach me

what it is to be free (x2)

From the river: Just be truly who you are

                           Don’t try to hide

                           Let yourself go with the flow

                           And greet all you find

To the river:    I’m confused

Please show me

What it is I don’t see (x2)

From the river: Everything you need’s inside

                            Deep within you

                           Don’t be scared of what’s outside

                           That’s not the whole truth

The tune I borrowed can be heard here:

So, that’s by way of intro my friends, but the beauty’s in the details….

Sunday 16th March

Sang to the river again, whilst taking myself for a walk. Made a delicious broccoli and blue cheese soup, to use up the broccoli that was about to make the transition from ‘eat me’ to ‘compost me’.

AND good deed(s) received:

The river sang back to me:-) A dear friend, who lives in Sweden, emailed to invite me to visit her there, for a holiday, with the price of the plane ticket on her! I’ve never been to Sweden. I’m sooooo excited!!! The walk gave me a poem! In fact, I trust this poem so much I’m saving it for a competition it’s suited to. Wish me luck:-)

Monday 17th March

I put a lot of effort into preparing for a lesson with two new students, a couple of Thai boys who are here for a month and want daily lessons.

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a lovely meal in the community centre here, with seconds on poppadoms (!) and was joined by a friend I hadn’t seen for a while who asked me about my time away and listened with such presence and genuine interest.

Tuesday 18th March

Spent some quality time chatting on the phone with a friend and colleague who has taken on my former role as lead teacher on a one month English language course here in the community. I answered her questions and offered as much reassurance and support as I could. The course begins on Saturday. (yesterday!)

AND good deed(s) received:

A very warm and welcoming response from a woman I visited, who’s offering a room for rent. It felt really good, and I said I’d sleep on it and let her know the next day. She said she’d be happy to have me:-)

Wednesday 19th March

Rang Beatha in Rwanda to give her the details needed to collect the money I’d sent. Spontaneously taught a second hour (which I hadn’t prepared for!) – I’d only been expecting to teach the older of the Thai boys that morning – but they both wanted an hour, morning AND afternoon! On arriving home, I went round to our neighbour to thank her for tidying up and weighting down our bins after they were blown over by crazily windy weather.

AND good deed(s) received:

Warm appreciation from my Mum for being ‘a star’ and spoiling her a bit that evening, after she’d had a crappy day and had to wait for me to finish work as we’re still sharing her car.

Thursday 20th March

Gave of myself as fully and authentically as I could in a presentation to a long term group of guests in the community, in which I was talking about – Service; what is it really?

AND good deed(s) received:

There were several warm hugs of appreciation and words of surprise by those present who said they hadn’t expected the presentation, and ensuing discussion, to be so profound. A colleague from the care team I work in kindly agreed to start our evening shifts earlier this week, to make transport easier for me.

Friday 21st March

I replied to a message from my Dad asking for a chat, and we had a lovely long conversation. It was great to catch up and hear his voice, and he said he might come and visit me if I did end up teaching in Myanmar, as Bali isn’t so far away! I made an effort to fit in a quick meeting with a colleague to plan a games session we’re doing together next Monday. Sang to the river again:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

Laughed soooooo much with my two Thai students (I could try to explain, but I think you had to be there…) who both decided to accompany me to my car (which was parked a short walk away) at the end of the lesson, with the older one insisting on carrying my heavy bag of books for me.

Saturday 22nd March

Gave a friend, and their friend, a lift. Did the food shopping, and included some flowers:-) Wrote a long email to a treasured friend who wrote me a beautiful email a while ago, and I really wanted to make the effort to meet it with my response.

AND good deed(s) received:

A very sweet and enthusiastic response from a friend when I texted saying I’d love to meet up for a catch up the next day. The kind woman at the checkout in the supermarket left her seat to get me a flower bag from the flower stand.

Have a great week dear friends:-) May it be full of everyday magic and the joys of spring!