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One of the most challenging aspects of spending three weeks in silence was not being able to sing. As a deep seated contentment and spontaneous joy grew in me I wanted to sing it out, share it, spread it. I sang plenty in my head of course, but I couldn’t give it voice out loud. Yesterday, I took a walk alone to the river near our house, and I sang to the flow as I’ve been known to before. There was nobody around, just birds and trees, and the roar of the river was a beautiful backing singer. I sang and I sang, for over half an hour, finding my voice again, arriving here again, giving thanks again for all the gifts of what has been and what is now…gently opening to welcoming what will be. And as I sang, a poem came…

I sang to the river

while the warmth of the sun

sat in the small of my back

like the steady hand

of a trusted friend

neither pushing me forward

nor allowing me to fall



and as the sun moved

I felt the cool of the shade

and moved myself

to realign with the light

and together

we sang and shone

and the river flowed on


And here is another poem written during my retreat:

I asked my heart

‘Can you learn to love?’

she smiled and replied

“Can a bird learn to sing?

Does the sky learn to rain?

Stop trying to teach me

and sit –

be my student a while.”

I read this post by one of my favourite bloggers this morning. For anyone who believes in the power of the heart, this may just make you believe even more:-)