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“May you be safe and protected

May you be healthy and whole

May you be peaceful and kind

May you be happy and free”

I arrived back in Scotland yesterday after a three week silent retreat in Newton Abbott, England. It is strange re-connecting with my computer, mobile phone and coffee (!) after three weeks without, and I intend to take my time to reacquaint myself gently, but I wanted to share with you, my friends, that I am back.

The four phrases that open this post are my chosen phrases for the practice known as loving kindness or metta. I have been repeating these phrases around four times a day, while sitting in silent meditation for 45 minutes and visualising different people (including myself), since I began my retreat on February 16th and, me being me, a poem has resulted which I’d like to share with you. I will share more poems and reflections from my retreat soon, but for now…Enjoy:-)

With much love and warm blessings,

Harula xxxxxxxxx

There’s a web of well-being

spun from the purest

rays of love

that extends from every being

to every other

into limitless expansion

infinitely strong

and unfathomably delicate

unquestionably real

and utterly intangible

will you let it hold you?

will you contribute


your own love to that web

that all beings may know

the end of suffering

and rest in the home

of interbeing?


Here are some recommended resources (talks, books, guided meditations…) if you’d like to know more about loving kindness/metta: