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Now that I’m 36

I’ve enough years for regrets

but not quite enough ‘knowing’

to know

I should really

let them go


Now that I’m 36

I’ve aged into shyness and restraint

moved further from wearing purple

for I still care –

perhaps too much –

what other people think


Now that I’m 36

I’m older by four

than Mum was when I was born

and yet

no children of my own

– and that’s OK


So now I’m 36

and my strength remains greater

than the fear of being alone

though I’m very un-PC

and still wish

for a beloved to cook and care for


So I’ve reached 36

lived through Amstrad

to iPad4

yet thrive on my oldfashionedness

and shun Facebook

with a passion


Now that I’m 6 squared

I’m no longer scared

of the next 36

or more

for dreams have grown and died

but life’s magic still holds mystery for me


So dear friends, it’s my birthday today, 36:-) I’ll return tomorrow to catch up with my weekly Good Deed post, but for now I wanted to share this poem with you, inspired by the thought of a favourite book of poems Now We Are Six. Thank you for all the WP friendship and creative inspiration – and blessings on your day!