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Week 37, and a week full of inspiration, creativity and learning. I can sum it up as an opportunity to recognise life is like origami. Seriously! You can enjoy living the pretty, flat, square piece of paper…or you can play with it. fold it, pull it and gently turn into something exquisitely beautiful, even though it’s still a square piece of paper at heart!

My ongoing and ever increasing thanks to…


the inspiration for these posts.

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Sunday 26th January

I corrected another beautiful poem which a language student, now a friend, sent me. I shared with her when we met later that I was actually a little jealous! She’s sooooo good at using very effective imagery and working in another language…I couldn’t write that quality of poetry in French, which is the only other language I’d have a chance in.

AND good deed(s) received:

I was warmly and entertainingly welcomed by my poet friend and her son, who’d been baking and watching Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great to enjoy their company just for the pleasure of it, without the context of an English lesson:-)

Monday 27th January

At the end of a lesson with her son I helped a friend write a letter to propose a workshop she wants to hold at a local centre. Spent some time with an inspiring elderly man in the community who likes to chat and have a hug. He told me he’s going on holiday to Hawaii soon! He also visited Lourdes in the last few years, and he’s now 80!

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a lovely text message from my Mum which included her asking me to please not buy more flowers as the other two bunches were still going strong:-) The man in charge of homecare in the community agreed to collect empty toilet rolls for me for a craft project I’m working on…more about that another time!

Tuesday 28th January

Helped another of my English students prepare an advert for her upcoming yoga classes, and agreed to come along to the first couple to support her with the language. Met up with a woman who will lead a games session with me next week, and appreciated her for all the amazing work she’s doing for the local Transition Town movement. The following is a link to the national website for the transition movement if you’d like to find out more.


AND good deed(s) received:

I was offered a lift into town while I was waiting for the bus, saving me energy, money and gifting me great conversation! Give it up for hitch hiking:-)

Wednesday 29th January

Had lunch with a man who recently joined one of my writing workshops, during which I shared some resources with him and we chatted about writing, life, the Universe. Had a fun lesson with the boys, including getting them to act out Roald Dahl’s version of Jack and the Beanstalk, with me as Jack’s crotchety mother!

jack and beanAND good deed(s) received:

Homemade chocolate cake certainly brings an added sweetness to English lessons with 10 year old boys:-)

Thursday 30th January

Spent a lovely 1.5 hours with my friend’s 9 month old son and, while we were out walking, we bumped into another dear friend of mine who was out to watch the sunset. Turned out it hadn’t been the easiest of days for her so me and beautiful baby boy cheered her up a bit and I agreed to catch up with her properly at the weekend.

AND good deed(s) received:

This beautiful baby boy (I’m not repeating myself, am I…?) is such a gift to be around. In the community centre, warming up and having tea, he drew such a crowd and I so enjoyed watching how effortlessly he brought a smile and such joy to everyone around him.

Friday 31st January

Helped a friend clean mold from her loft! It was actually pretty satisfying, seeing the difference at the end.

AND good deed(s) received:

The same friend shared with me some delicious homemade flapjacks with tea to celebrate when the deed was done!

Saturday 1st February!

Brought Mum a cup of tea and offered to take her car through the car wash while she was working as she just hasn’t had time. She was thrilled, and I enjoyed being able to clearly see out of a sparklingly clean rear window when it was done:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a fabulous, long, coffee shop conversation with a friend (2.5hrs!) during which we covered everything from child/parent relationships to origami lotuses to a Buddhist nun working with inmates on death row. QUITE a conversation!


Plus she gave me a cardigan to try on which she recently bought in a charity shop but decided in fact wasn’t for her…so now I get to see if it’s for me:-)

May your week be filled with joy, miracles and magic!