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Pick it up so you can see

the grass beneath is fresh and green

Pick it out to help her flow

the river needs our help you know

Pull it free, it’s not a leaf

crisp packets are a beauty thief!

Grab it quick before the sea

can swallow it, for she’s hungry

Nature needs to breathe as well

don’t choke her please, we need her well!

– Harula Ladd:-)

Week 35, and a very interesting and creative week, which has seen the seed of a potential project planted. Suffice it, for now, to say that I’ve been drawn to the quality of beauty this week, and to the idea of cultivating it and ‘re-revealing it’ wherever, and however I can – both inner and outer.

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the inspiration for these posts.

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Sunday 12th January

I remembered recently how much my mother loves flowers, but we haven’t had them in the house for ages, so I bought her flowers and made a fabric flower broach to go with a letter promising flowers once a week for a year…which is my way of staying present, in the house and with her, following my decision to move out at the end of March.

AND good deed(s) received:

My colleague, who has a very quiet voice, agreed to do her best to speak louder as I was struggling to hear her, and also thanked me for offering her an extra care shift the following week, taking over one of mine.

Monday 13th January

Held a session of Group Discovery Games on my own, as the woman I should have worked with was ill. It was a great joy and success. Moved into a friend’s house to take care of the place, and her two adorable cats, for three weeks while she’s away.

AND good deed(s) received:

There were lots of warm words and hugs of appreciation at the end of the games session, and an incredible spontaneous dance performance at the end by one member of the group, who is on the prestigious Cirque Du Soleil’s databank of world renowned performers! She’s incredible. Check out her site if you want to watch some clips…


Tuesday 14th January

Picked litter on a walk into town, and immediately responded to my friend, whose house I’m in, saying yes, I would post her the mobile phone that she’d left behind! Agreed to give one of my English language students a discount on my creative writing workshop coming up on Saturday.

AND good deed(s) received:

I was invited to a meditation to offer blessings to an 18 year old young woman who’s grown up in the community and is soon to leave for Denmark where she has a placement as an au pair. I was really touched, as I don’t know her that well. I’ve spent some time over the last years helping her with English Literature homework and exam preparation, and I work with her mother quite a lot. You know that feeling when you discover you’ve genuinely touched someone’s life, and you hardly even realised…

Wednesday 15th January

Prepared an enjoyable lesson for the boys I teach regularly, and their parents too. It was the first time I’d seen them after New Year and I really enjoyed it. Searched for and found an old telephone number for my Mum, which she needed as she’d used it as a password for some official documentation.

AND good deed(s) received:

Doughnuts were served with tea while I taught and there was lots of laughter:-)

Thursday 16th January

Finally called my father in Bali, whom I hadn’t spoken to for a while. It was good to exchange a little news and to hear that he’d taken me up on the book recommendations and had already downloaded them onto his Kindle:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

When I visited my dear friend and her 9 month ish old son, he smiled and laughed like I’ve never heard. It was such a beautiful, uplifting sound – such a deeply joyful laugh, beautiful! There was lots of appreciation for a recent poem posted here on my blog, and a friend acknowledged it was his turn to invite me to dinner so…I look forward to that:-)

Friday 17th January

Gave the heart shaped stone I found on the beach before holding the solstice meditation, to the young woman who is taking her first big independent step into the big wide ‘no parents close by’ world. I thought it would be harder to give away but actually, no, it had done it’s work for me – calmed soothed and grounded me for the meditation, that was its purpose, it wasn’t mine anymore…so it was absolutely right to pass it on.

P1030044AND good deed(s) received:

I was treated to a scone and coffee by my friend, whose darling son I took a walk with while she had an appointment in town. It was so fun taking all the credit for this gorgeous child while he was ‘mine’ for half an hour, and everyone we walked past smiled at us…

Saturday 19th January

Led a creative writing day which was enjoyed by all, and gave me some very useful insights personally too. The last exercise we did ended up being really powerful, perhaps because we’d warmed our writing and our hearts up so well through the rest of the day. We sat for ten minutes in silence with the invitation to look around our ‘inner garden’ with the awareness that it will soon be spring. What did we intend to grow/plant this year and what did our inner garden need in order to flourish, as the promised nourishment of light and warmth comes back? I was incredibly moved by the responses, and my own was a welcome wake up call.

AND good deed(s) received:

Got a delicious crepe from my mum’s takeaway, and her business partner made a big fuss when he saw me apparently putting money in the till. ‘You’re not insulting us by trying to pay are you?!’ No, I assured him, I just needed change for one of my workshop participants:-)

 Have a great week my friends:-)