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matilda and books

Matilda, carting her books back from the library in one of my favourite films…

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I’ve got a sick car

but I have legs and feet

and they work

so I’ll walk

and take the time to look

at the world around me

which used to rush by

in a blur

and reach out a hand

to re-reveal the beauty

in the bush that’s been attacked

by low flying crisp packets

and an army of tin cans


I’ve got no money in the bank

but no bills today either

and 20 pounds in my pocket

with more on its way

so the bank will be patient

and I’ll prove with each smile

the truth of

‘the best things are free’

with my bag full of books

from the library

I’ll read my way to new worlds

and add ‘nil’ to my carbon footprint


I’ve got a me stuffed with plans,

even time to sit with them,

alone and at peace

I can plant them in deep

as I laugh at those thoughts

much too silly to share

but that open a door to more

and I bask

in a world of possibility

as I sing to them

blow on them

and whisper,

now grow…

new growth