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β€œIt’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself”


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Week 32 has seen plenty of reasons for twinkly eyes. Sometimes they’ve twinkled with laughter, other times with love, other times with wonder, other times with sadness that’s beautiful because it’s taken my mind on a journey to the truth and from there the journey back to joy is easier. I used to be fascinated as a child by just how much bluer my eyes shone when I’d just been in the sea, or when I’d just been crying. This last week however, when I’ve looked into the mirror the eyes that have looked back at me have shone with something lit from within, and I felt myself saying, ‘Ah, there you are!’ Yep – I’ve been feeling pretty twinkly!


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Sunday 22nd December

I could still feel the magic of holding the Solstise mediation running through me and, knowing it too would pass, I wanted to write to those friends who had made it possible and try to capture and share some of that magic in my words to share with them and let them know what a gift they had given me. So I sent an email. I then prepared a macaroni cheese for my brother who was arriving later that day, and wrapped the present and wrote the card I would be taking to a friend’s pre-christmas tea party.

AND good deed(s) received:

I received a very beautiful reply to my email, in which a friend shared his own initiatory moment and thanked me for what I’d shared. The cookies, teas and sandwiches my friend and her partner had prepared were so delicious:-)

Monday 23rd December

I went out to do the final food shopping and picked up a couple of bags of coal and some milk for a neighbour too, traveling a little out of my way to find a petrol station that still had coal! Invited a neighbour and her grandson over to watch Toy Story with us, as they don’t have a TV.

AND good deed(s) received:

So many hugs and sparkly smiles from the grandson, who sat next to me on the sofa as we shared a bowl of crisps while enjoying the adventures of Woody, Buzz and Co. A package arrived for me all the way from Sweden!

Tuesday 24th December (Christmas Eve)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the house was full of laughter because; we watched Toy Story 2 with our neighbours and had a tickle fight, the present we gave to our neighbours was an all singing all dancing Santa that no 7 year old could resist playing again and again (and again…hope it’s batteries aren’t too long lasting!), and when we opened our presents we found my sister and I had both made slippers, so my Mum got two pairs:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

I could smell cola bottle sweets on my young neighbour’s breath. ‘What have you been eating?’ I asked. He pulled the packet from his pocket. There were only two left. There was a pause. ‘Do you want one?’ he asked. ‘But you’ve only got two left.’ and this kid doesn’t get many sweets. ‘That’s OK, you always share with me…’ Gulp! Yes, I took a coal bottle:-)

Wednesday 25th December (Christmas Day and Mum’s Birthday)

Got up early and closed the kitchen door so I could prepare the table and the breakfast for a birthday celebration, including decorating what would be my Mum’s chair (as is traditional in the Netherlands). Spent at least two hours making everything just so…and missing my two sisters, because I’ve never not had at least one of them to share this task with, but they were both staying int heir own homes for Christmas this year. A family friend joined us, and I christened her sister for the day:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

A beautiful heart stone in rose quartz from our friend, who said when I thanked her ‘That’s how I see you.’Β  We also had an amazing conversation later which is still with me now, and which transformed my thinking on a particular topic.

Thursday 26th December (Boxing Day)

Picked up another friend who was joining us for the day, and cooked a delicious meal for us all.

AND good deed(s) received:

While discussing ways to bring more FUN into the community, Mum discovered karaoke tacks on Spotify which she played, and we began singing the house down! Oh, and we discovered a new way of saying ‘I love you’ – you point your finger at the person and say it really loudly with a frown on your face – hilarious! (You have to watch Meet me in St Louis to understand…)

Friday 27th December

Prepared a fun, Christmas themed English lesson for one of my students and printed out a certificate to confirm the hours of tuition he’s received. I stayed longer when he got really engaged with the poem I’d brought.

AND good deed(s) received:

A colleague let me leave early from my evening care shift when she saw I was a little distracted. When I got home I found Mum had already put a hot water bottle in my bed…

Saturday 28th December

I picked up friends who were on their way to visit, but got a but lost. Cooked another macaroni cheese at my brother’s request, because he really loves it.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received the most beautiful gift from the friends who visited. I’ll share a picture another time, but it’s an incredible glass calligraphy pen which you dip in ink in the old fashioned way – it’s stunning, and such a huge pleasure to write with – the weight and flow of it…you get the idea, I’m in love!!! With a pen?!

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year dear friends:-) Bring on 2014!!!