cheeseimage credit: whatscookingamerica.net

Christmas can get pretty cheesy

too much sentiment makes some queasy

But I love cheese, you can probably tell

So me and Christmas get on well:-)

Here’s a poem packed with cliche, ‘cheese’ and sentiment – it’s not too long, such poems should probably only be read in small doses, but I hope you enjoy the indulgence:-) P.S. the first part is supposed to look like the shape of a Christmas tree, but you saw that, right..?

xmas treeimage credit: letsplaymath.net



is love

for one and all

a fragrant evergreen

standing tall

claiming the top spot

a shining star

seen and revered from near and far


While we eat too much pudding

and watch bad TV

let’s draw close and cherish

our family

sharing our gifts

like three kings from afar

with reverence and blessing

till their smiles are our star


This year will soon end

The light is returning

May your dreams be fufilled

From the depths of your yearning


OK folks, cliche overload over – d’you think I should write for greetings cards?! Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas my friends:-) And here’s a story about a young man who showed some serious Christmas spirit!


Love and blessings,

Harula xxxxx