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 not smiling

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O Wondrous creatures,

By what strange miracle

Do you so often

Not smile?

                                                                     – HAFIZ


The most disappointing thing you can do is give up. I never give up on you, though I’m sure you sometimes suspect me of it, but for you to give up and forget your miraculous ability to create and generate and be one with source, that my darling one is not just sad, it’s hilarious.

Remember that poem, something like beloved ceature, by what strange miracle do you so often not smile? I think it’s Hafiz, right? So when I say hilarious, well, it depends which way you look at it – right? Because the truthlessness of it and the bizarreness of the choice is worthy of laughter – and that’s not to diminish the pain or discomfort, but, from a place of knowing everything is a choice – why would you choose that?

I give you so many choices, infinite choices, and yet there are times, consciously or otherwise, when you appear to choose to suffer. Why? I’m not your shrink, I’m your creator, so of course I don’t actually need to ask why. Why is a very human question, and it’s not necessarily very expansive. What is far more expansive…

What do I want to dream about tonight as I nourish myself in eight hours of delicious and indulgent sleep?

What do I really want to write? So write it!

What can I do to let everyone around me know that I love them?

What quality would I like to breathe in with the next in breath, and share with my next out breath?

What would I say, what words would I use, if I knew I those were the only words I could say for the rest of my life?


I wrote the above about this time last year, and when I read it today there was humour to be found in recognising how I go round in circles, and the same contemplations come up time and time again – because I find myself here again. So, what will I do with these what questions this time…

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man,
but he is brave five minutes longer.”